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We wholeheartedly believe that the wedding cake is an important feature of every wedding, with a deep history symbolizing prosperity and good luck  to the couple. It should be  made with the best ingredients available to ensure the marriage will be long lasting and happy.

Pricing & Flavor List

cakes, cupcakes, & cookies

All my cakes consist of three layers of cake and 2 layers of filling or frosting. My frosting is a swiss meringue buttercream and is light and airy, never too sweet. Each cake tier is 5 inches in height and tends to give a larger wedding serving. Prepare for each guest to equal 1 serving. I do offer sheet cakes when a three or four tier cake is ordered. Inquire for more info.

Tiered Buttercream Cakes

Pricing & Flavors


Starting at $6.50 per serving

3-4 Tiered Cakes

Two Tier Cakes

Single Cakes 

Starting at $6.50 per serving

70 servings ( 10″ / 8″ / 6″ )
100 servings ( 12″ / 9″ / 6″ )
134 servings ( 12″/10″/8 /6″ )

32 servings ( 8″ | 6″ )
40 servings ( 9″ | 7″ )
48 servings ( 10″ | 8″ )
64 servings ( 12"/ 9")

8″ – 22 servings  start $88
9″ –32 servings start $128
10″ – 38 servings start $152
*smallest cake for weddings is a 8/6 two-tier

I apply the technique of sugar craft, which is a creative art, using confectioners sugar and gum to form a paste. I mix and roll this paste and form it into incredibly life like and botanically correct flowers and leaves to decorate the cake.
Since each sugar flower cake is custom to your event, cost is dependent upon design. Most sugar flower cakes can start at $9.00 a serving.

Sugar Flower Cakes

Pricing & Flavors


This cake tastes like champagne with notes of sweet vanilla flavor and tangy-ness. It pairs perfectly with strawberry filling. 

Our Favorite Cake Flavors

Pink Champagne Cake

My super moist chocolate cake is always a hit and when you add raspberry to it your guests will be in love with this combination.

Chocolate Cake

This White Chocolate Raspberry Cake one of my best sellers! It pairs with a nicely with any fruit filling or cream cheese buttercream.

With it's soft crumb and velvety texture this cake is popular one with added buttermilk for tang and zip.

White Velvet 


Lucious lemon cake with my homemade lemon curd filling is tangy and sweet and a crowd pleaser every time. Raspberry filling is a popular choice to this cake as well. 

Lemon Lovers

Just the right amount of spices and apples go into this moist cake. One of my most popular fall flavors for sure.  

Autumn Spice

Mine is super moist with currants and nuts. Add in cream cheese or real Maple buttercream between the layers for the ultimate!

Ultimate Carrot Cake

This cake has hints of citrus and chocolate and a beautiful maroon color. 

Red Velvet 

White Chocolate Raspberry

A delicious cake packed with lots of honey flavor. Its moisture and full flavor come from real honey and brown sugar.

Honey Cake 

This is the best strawberry cake made with fresh strawberries 

Strawberry Cake

Wedding serving size is based of Wilton Cake Serving guide and is 2×1 inch. All my cakes consist of three layers of cake and 2 layers of filling or frosting.
*My cakes are 5 inches in height and tend to give a larger wedding serving.

Dessert Table with
Cupcakes, Cookies & Bars

Pricing & Flavors


Starting at $45.00 per dozen



Starting at $33.00 a dozen

2 dozen per flavor. See the flavor list below. I can accommodate up to 4 flavors for a 100+ guest count.

Classic Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Raisin 
Delicious Cookies 
NYC Double Chocolate
Ginger Spice 

Jam filled linzer
Double Chocolate Brownies
Sugar Cookies with Buttercream
Custom Imprint Cookies

Chocolate Peanutbutter Reeses Pieces
Chocolate raspberry
Chocolate Espresso Bean
Chocolate Oreo

Our Favorite Cupcake Flavors

Chocolate Cupcakes

Vanilla Funfetti
Vanilla Salted Caramel 

Vanilla Cupcakes

Lemon with lemon Curd Filling
Lemon Blueberry
Lemon Raspberry

Lemon Cupcakes

Red Velvet White Chocolate
Red Velvet Cream Cheese
Red Velvet Candied Cranberry

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Carrot Cream Cheese
Carrot Real Maple

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Autumn Spice Cream Cheese 
Autumn Spice Real Maple

Autumn Spice Cupcakes

Strawberry with Strawberry 
Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Cupcakes

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Pumpkin Spice with cream Cheese

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Inspired from my love of flowers, my signature cupcake designs are perfect for a wedding, bridal shower or baby shower. They consist of four designs, the Roseswirl, Classic rose, Garden flower and Hydrangea.
Starts at $45 a dozen

Our Client's Favorite

Signature Cupcake




Let's get together, yeah-yeah-yeah...


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