Henny B’s Cakes and Cupcakes is a woman-owned and operated business located in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire and run by Henny Bogardus. Henny is a cake designer and culinary artist, working in an NH state licensed homestead kitchen and insured vendor. Being unique is something that has always come naturally to Henny, just like her name, and that’s exactly what HennyB’s Cakes & Cupcakes is all about.

Henny grew up on a homestead farm, just east of the Hudson River, in Malden Bridge, NY. Before the fad and glamour of today’s trend of eating farm to table, her family was ahead of the curve, growing their own vegetables and raising their own personal livestock. This is when Henny realized the art and science that cooking and baking possessed.

Henny’s paternal grandmother Thyra Jensen, an immigrant from Denmark, was the inspiration and Henny’s personal guide in the beauty and craftsmanship that baking and homesteading beholds. Thyra lived with Henny’s family until her passing and she always instilled the belief that anything you can grow and make yourself will always be superior to anything bought from a store. Henny remembers picking elderberries for her grandmother to whip up homemade jellies and jams and watching her knead bread and bake pastries on a daily basis.

Thyra’s passion and pure craving to make quality baked goods for her family carried over and was the driving force behind Henny’s desire to pursue a degree in Restaurant Management from SUNY Cobleskill.

After many years of working in a different industry and raising her children, Henny’s free time and desire to return to baking on a more serious level resurfaced. With a great deal of support and encouragement from her family, Henny decided to pursue baking at a professional level and Henny B’s Cakes & Cupcakes was born.

“Now three years into business, we are taking it to the next level and are proud of how far we have come. Henny B’s Cakes & Cupcakes is your perfect source for tasty and custom made treats for any special occasion. Specializing in homemade, well crafted, locally sourced; cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. We can bring your dream wedding, bridal shower, birthday, or any other special occasion to life. We strive to produce eye-striking desserts that not only look marvelous but also taste delectable and delicious.

We are excited about the future and look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to eat our cakes already, let’s chat.”


Owner, Henny B's Cakes & Cupcakes

“I worked with Henny on a very special order for my daughter’s Bridal Shower. She made sure everything was perfect and every decoration was thought out right down to the tiniest detail. The cake and cupcakes looked beautiful and tasted amazing! We are lucky to have such a talented baker here in the North Country.”

Nancy Soucy

Littleton NH

“HennyB Cakes and Cupcakes are my new standard on how ‘from scratch’ is supposed to taste. YUM!”

Jay Soucy

Littleton NH

“We loved our wedding cake from HennyB! My husband and I wanted a small, seminaked cake for the two of us to cut at our wedding. Henny was very easy to work with and understood exactly what we wanted. The cake was absolutely stunning and we received so many compliments. It was so beautiful I didn’t want to cut it. Boy, was I glad I did though! The cake was delicious and not a crumb went to waste and the frosting was the best I’ve tasted, not too sweet and creamy, just perfect. Pricing was very reasonable and for a small fee, she delivered it to my reception venue an hour away. I would definitely recommend.”

Sarah and Gregory Wedge

Berlin NH

“Best cake Ever! Henny created my Bridal Shower cake and it was everything I dreamed of and more. The semi-naked cake was so stunning and elegant, every detail was just perfect.! Not to mention the taste was absolutely delicious! Henny was such a pleasure to work with, as she was helpful and prompt answering my millions of questions. All the guests were wowed by this cake as well and asked who created it. Thank you so much Henny, I will absolutely be in contact for future cakes!”

Melissa Nolin

Berlin NH

“Many thanks to Henny. I have ordered cakes from her on two separate occasions. She really took the time to listen and create a dessert for my friends and family. She is creative and attaches a story to each of her desserts. Henny is very down to earth and easy to work with. Her visions come to reality in beautiful ways. Her sweets don’t only look good they are delicious as well. I look forward to ordering from her again.”

Jenn Walker

Littleton NH

“Henny was a fabulous person to work with. She helped create the perfect desserts for our floral themed wedding. The Almond flavor was an obvious favorite for my husband and I as we chose it for our personal cake. Her buttercream frosting was melt in your mouth delicious. We also had floral cupcakes, chocolate, vanilla and white almond for our main desserts. Each flavor topped with a variety of flower designs and colors which matched our pallet perfectly. Her work was as delicious on the eyes as it was to eat. We can’t rave enough about Henny B , she is a joy to work with!”

Sophia Evans Sherburn

Easton NH