How do I place my order?

Please use the Quote Request Form we provide on this website to begin the process of ordering a custom cake or other sweets from Henny B.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

It’s best to give me as much notice as possible. Depending on the details of the order, 2 or more weeks is best. Although, sometimes I have openings and can accommodate certain orders with a 48-hour notice.

When and where can I collect my cake?

Most of the time I have customers pick up their order at my house. I can also deliver for an added fee.

Can I collect my cake the day before my event?

Yes, you can pick up your cake the day before the event and store it in the refrigerator.

How should I transport the cake?

Transporting a cake should be done carefully especially if it’s tiered. I find it’s best to use a non-slip pad or rubber shelf liner to put under the box so it doesn’t slip. It also works best to put on the floor of your car or in the back of an SUV on a flat surface, not on the seat or in a lap. Driving slow and taking corners carefully is very important. ( I try to think of the cake similar to myself sitting on the floor in back of a van with my legs criss-cross and not holding onto anything. ) Also turn the A/C on if it’s a hot day and keep out of direct sunlight.

Can you add writing to the cakes?

Most of the time, depending on the decoration of the cake, I can add writing on the cake itself or the cake board.

Do you offer samples or cake tastings before I commit to a flavor?

Cake tastings can be scheduled for orders where more than 100 people will be served. See wedding info guide for more info on tastings.

Do you cater for dietary requirements and allergies?

Yes, I can accommodate most dietary concerns and try my best to make my recipes work with your concerns. Please let me know what the dietary allergies or concerns are and I can discuss it with you and let you know if I can accommodate you.

Will my cake have flowers?

Flowers are available for your cake for an additional cost and we usually use EH Floral, Tarrnation Flower Farm, or Cherry Blossom Florist as our flower sources. We can discuss what special flowers you would like at the time of your order.

Do you work with fondant?

I do some fondant work, but usually in a garnish or embellishment to a cupcake or cake.

Can I have a different flavor for each tier?

Most of the time yes, depending on the flavors you have in mind. I can let you know if it will work for your cake at the time you order.

Can I have a small cake to cut and then sheet cakes for the kitchen to serve to my guests?

Yes, I offer sheet cakes with a three-tier cake is ordered. Otherwise, round cakes can be ordered to add more servings. You can also opt for a cake table or cake buffet so all the cakes are on display for your guests to see and choose from.